Monday, August 2, 2010

Double edged sword

With the release of the wikilinks documents, there has been a great deal of media play regarding Pakistan's support for the Taliban. The real question is the reason behind the ISI's support of insurgent activities. Here is my quick list:

1. Rogue elements in the intelligence sector with strong connections from the former Afghan insurgency against the Soviets with anti-American philosophies.  Is a decent explanation, as it details the apparent disconnect between Pakistan internal policies.

2. Playing both sides. By the Pakistani establishment betting on both horses, it creates an insurance policy for the outcome of the conflict. It could also create problems, as the victor will most certainly hold a grudge against Pakistan for its double dealing.

3. Considering I have no inside knowledge of the intelligence reports credibility and actuality, it is feasible that the reports are simply untrue. The question is whether these rumors would be so persistent.

4.  Potentially fabricated evidence by Pakistani and Afghan Taliban in order to create a rift between NATO and Pakistan. Unlikely I know, but always a possibility.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love of Death

The announcement by Islamic Jihad in the West Bank of resuming their suicide bombing campaign has been receiving a decent amount of play in domestic Israeli media. ( The first consideration of this announcement is the exact wording of the article and the quotes from the Islamic Jihad representative. “It’s very difficult to do these things because of the policy of security coordination and the arrest of [would be] suicide bombers.” While this blogger has no love for the security barrier or apartheid wall, depending on which of my friends you ask, there is no doubt that this structure has definitely increased the short term security of Israel by preventing a porous border. (it is kind of ridiculous that people still quote the fact that the Great Wall of China didn't stop the mongols citiwok style)

The grand question is whether this announcement was made as retaliation for the recent incursions of the IDF into Gaza or as a way to offset the budding (wishful thinking) direct talks that Obama is pushing on Abbas and Netanyahu?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Realism in a Box

As a Jersey boy, I should have a deep sense of hatred for the Jersey Shore.  According to my wonderful governor Chris Christie it unleashes the worst stereotype possible for those in my fine state, New Yorkers are loud and obnoxious.  Many will wonder what a blog about realism has to do with such a fine piece of entertainment.  It represents the actions of individual actors in anarchy, whose sole desires are to maximize power and interests.  For this examination I will use the Situation, obviously our favorite tanned Benny.
      The Situation has two main goals throughout his summer at Seaside Heights.  Become the so called "man of the house" and bed as many Jersey girls as humanly possible.  The Situation represents the most desired traits of realism, maximizing his power and goals.  He perfects himself with a strict GTL regime (gym, tan, laundry for those who have not seen a television set in a year).  He is not bound by the conventional norms that many people feel beholden to.  He ditches friends with grenades, has no desire to abide by age of consent, and will use his associates to further his own goals.  The question many would ask "Is this ethical?" has no place in the discussion, anarchy is everything.  In order for him to fulfill his objectives, the idea of emotions and philosophies should have no impact on this so called situation.  The question is how successfully he manages to achieve the goal of house domination.  With his lack of support in the house, especially after attempting to pick up another jersey native after the infamous Snooki brawl, he fails maintain suitable support and experiences a strong counterbalance led by the subversive Vinny.

BTW Who else can't stand Angelina? Can't believe they let her back.

The never ending conversation

Realism.  A simple concept that defines the actions of states.  The belief that countries act to maximize their power and influence.  Many call it outdated and archaic, looking back to the days of feudal warfare in Europe or ancient Sumeria.  This blogger sees an explanation that many never realize (its almost a pun), that ideas, philosophies, religions, virtues are all excuses on the international scene.  The search for power is never ending, so why not have some fun with it.